Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to use the forum

    Frequently asked questions: How do I use the forum?
    • What do I see in the dashboard?

    • Why can't I send private messages?

    • How to hide forums?

    • Is there a possibility to mark all forums as read?

    • How can I quote?

    • How long can I edit my posts?

    • How can I upload a profile picture?

    • Can I disable signatures of the other users?

    • Can I disable profile pictures of the other users?

    • Can I disable smileys of the other users?

    • How do I subscribe to topics (threads)?

    • How many points do I get for which action?

    • What is the "Med2 Pro" rank for and when do I get it?

  • General questions

    • Should I donate? And what happens to excess donations?

    • What do I get in return for a donation?